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Economic Development Bremerhaven

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IKEA builds new branch in Bremerhaven

Impression of the new IKEA branch in Bremerhaven

IKEA comes to Bremerhaven 

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA will be locating a new store in Bremerhaven. In total, IKEA plans to invest about 40 million euro in the Bremerhaven site and create 150 full-time and part-time jobs paying social insurance. 

Construction is to start in the first quarter of 2014. The store is scheduled to open early in 2015, as the first with which IKEA is implementing a new concept in Germany.

Expansion Manager Johannes Kerber said: “For us too, this is a very special day. We are delighted and proud that it has been possible to implement our project so quickly and so well – thanks to the excellent support from the city authorities, administration and environmental organizations. We look forward to being in Bremerhaven and view the city as an attractive location with great potential and good long-term prospects. Here we are developing a new market, which includes the entire coastal region right up to the mouth of the Elbe River.”

The new IKEA store will be built in the district of Wulsdorf near the A27 motorway, on a plot of about 63 000 square metres. The sales area itself will be 18 000 square metres and includes an option for extension. 

The economic development corporation BIS had already submitted a site offer to IKEA at the beginning of 2012 – after various locations had been reviewed and discussed – and conducted the purchase contract negotiations as well as the discussions with the nature conservation associations concerning the ecological impact compensation measures, all within the scope of the subsequent project management.

Schnellecke Logistics leases a logistics facility with approx. 10 000 m²

Europa Center Logistikpark Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven: Starting 1 July 2013, the company will be leasing a building of about 10 000 m² in the EUROPA-CENTER Logistics Park. 

This is a targeted measure to cater for the increased business of Schnellecke in Bremerhaven. As a follow-on, the projects “engine packaging” and “processing for multi-use packaging” are also planned for this location. 

“With regard to the expansion, the new logistics facility is perfectly situated and well connected to our Business Unit Bremerhaven,” Andreas Zitzer, Business Unit Manager Bremerhaven, commented on the site selection.

 This is because the logistics building is adjacent to the existing branch office of the company, which was also built by the EUROPA-CENTER real estate group. 

“An important factor for us in leasing the facility is the direct support form the landlord. Short communication paths and a rapid response whenever needed are essential,” said Andreas Zitzer about the decision in favour of EUROPA-CENTER AG.

Schnellecke is an international logistic service provider and supplier to the automobile industry. The company develops complete concepts that cover everything from transport and route planning, warehouse management, pre-assemblies and value-adding services, to the sequenced production of individual parts and modules, and packaging suitable for containers. Apart from the 13 company sites in Germany, the Schnellecke Group has 34 more locations worldwide.

Best Western Hotel opens in Schaufenster Fischereihafen

Bremerhaven is up and coming. This persuaded the investors Walter Stöcker from the management company SNW to team up with the restaurateur Lutz Natusch and the entrepreneur Horst Wübben in building a new hotel in the Fischereihafen quarter. The architecturally exciting building was opened on 13 December 2013. An excellent view of the harbour basin and the maritime scene is offered by 94 rooms.