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Transport infrastructure

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Thanks to the good hinterland connections and the ideal position on a deep waterway, Bremerhaven has fast and reliable transport routes leading all over the world.

By truck and car, the city can be reached from the south via the A27 motorway (approx. 45 minutes from the A1 interchange “Bremer Kreuz”). Through construction of the port tunnel / A27 connection, good access of the container terminal and the international harbours to the A27 motorway within the city area will be secured for the long term.

Since the opening of the Weser Tunnel about 15 km south of Bremerhaven, the region west of the Weser River has been linked directly to the city, also permitting a rapid connection towards the Netherlands.

With the completion of the coastal motorway A20, Bremerhaven will lie along a powerful east-west transport axis in future.

By rail, Bremerhaven is connected on the one hand with the entire railway network of Deutsche Bahn (DB) via the dual-track line to Bremen. In addition, the private EVB maintains a direct line to Hamburg-Neugraben for container and passenger transport.

The regional airport Luneort, which is still operating, will be closed to make way for the construction of the Offshore Terminal. Airport Bremen (50 minutes by car from Bremerhaven) offers a connection to the entire international flight network, with direct flights to many European and German destinations.

Through the Lower and Outer Weser, Bremerhaven is linked firstly to the European inland waterway system and secondly to the container lines spanning the globe. The major line services ply the routes to the Far East and the American East Coast. What is more, feeder services link Bremerhaven to almost all European ports of the North and Baltic Sea.

All residential areas and commercial zones are served at close intervals practically right around the clock by local public transport.

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