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Maritime Technologies

Maritime technologies: more than just “big tubs”

For many decades, shipbuilding was one of the main pillars of industry in Bremerhaven. Nowadays, the yards in Bremerhaven concentrate on ship repairs, extensions and conversions. As an alliance, the companies Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven AG, MWB Marine Services GmbHBREDO Dry Docks offer a unique infrastructure of floating and dry docks.

The maritime network in Bremerhaven includes a large number of highly productive firms specialized in the fields of engineering, plant and mechanical engineering as well as surface treatment, interior furnishing and metalwork – not to mention the engineering and design offices.

A new market of the future for many enterprises engaged in the maritime technologies lies in the development of the offshore wind energy industry. However, there is also an emerging market in ocean engineering, which is a special focus for the new maritime sciences and young technology-oriented companies in Bremerhaven. With a broadly based offering of consulting and support services, together with targeted innovation incentives, BIS is stimulating the development of new products and services for this growth market.

R&D Mile Bremerhaven

In the southern part of Bremerhaven’s inner city, close to the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) and the University of Applied Sciences, there lies the R&D Mile for technology-oriented businesses and for facilities closely concerned with research and development. This area is situated right on the waterside and consists of halls, office areas, workshops, a dry dock and a pier with berths for research vessels.

Maritime service providers, ship chandlers, yards and equipment suppliers

Hardly any other port location besides Bremerhaven offers such a highly diverse range of competencies. Clustered around the major ship newbuilding, conversion, repair and engine specialists, a dense and efficient network of highly specialized suppliers and service providers has developed. From plant construction through highly qualified engineering development and ship outfitting up to all-round service delivery of the latest hardware by the corresponding vendors of accessories, the spectrum of enterprises is wide and varied.

In the niche market of building passenger and special-purpose ships, the yards have established themselves as developers of complex systems and special components. Within a short space of time, Bremerhaven has also grown to become a centre of competence, research and production for the offshore wind energy industry.

All around the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), a new network of innovative technology companies have given rise to a maritime-focused environment – a “research and development mile” for maritime technologies.


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