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Cultural and Creative Industries

Stimulus for trade and industry

Whether architecture, music or advertising – the cultural and creative industries (CCI) constitute a varied sector. This includes freelance artists and cultural professionals as well as micro-entrepreneurs, such as art dealers, agents and gallery owners. Not only do the creative industries represent a significant economic factor, but they also act as a driver for innovative products, processes, services etc.

Within the scope of the Structural Concept of the State of Bremen, the local media and creative industries are to be strengthened. BIS was tasked with fostering the creative industries in a targeted manner. This includes

  • supporting the formation of networks within the sector,
  • systematically preparing the existing potentials, structures and incentive programmes of the CCI via BIS,
  • promoting start-ups and expansions,
  • invigorating Bremerhaven as a business location by giving greater visibility to the cultural offerings, and
  • improving the communication between creative industries and other parts of resident industry.

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