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Climate City

On course for Climate City Bremerhaven

With the urban master plan for active climate policy, Bremerhaven has declared climate protection to be a task of general public interest. What is more, in view of the city’s role as a centre for climate research and the production of wind turbines for both the onshore and offshore sector, Bremerhaven is claiming the title of “Climate City”. For this reason, a project team with an impressive line-up has drawn up the concept “Climate City Bremerhaven” for the city administration (Magistrat).

Model for future course

Climate City Bremerhaven is intended to serve as a guide for the future actions of the city, its businesses and its citizens. To achieve the climate protection targets, Climate City Bremerhaven has created workgroups. These are responsible for individual and joint projects and will help to achieve a uniformly sustainable urban landscape.

Make the climate city more visible

At the same time, the aim is to get existing “climate beacons” (AWI, Klimahaus, industry ...) to network more intensively and to stimulate new cooperative ventures. Advances made on the way towards a low-emission “Climate City Bremerhaven” are to be made visible, documented and conveyed in a transparent manner to citizens, to generate the motivation for a change in behaviour.

At a glance

Project: Climate City Bremerhaven

Partners: nordwest 2050, Bremen Chamber of Labour, PLACES, German Climate Foundation, VCD, ADFC, North-South Forum Bremerhaven, Förderwerk Bremerhaven


  • Implementation of the ratified objective to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% in relation to the values of 1990 by 2020
  • Conceptualization and implementation of urban development with the special goal of climate compatibility, to be assessed explicitly
  • Cooperation with the surrounding region in matters of climate protection and coordination of the targets
  • Traffic planning with clear objectives on the modal split, through promotion of public passenger transport as well as bicycle and pedestrian traffic, and promotion of electromobility
  • Development of climate-friendly tourist offerings
  • Above-average modernization rate for existing buildings, with public administration acting as a role model for private industry and citizens
  • Development of programmes and measures for adapting to climate change
  • Active involvement of the population in the planning and implementation of climate protection programmes; assistance with the possibilities for saving energy
  • Special involvement of young people in the long-term planning and in climate protection programmes

Contact person

Head of Cilmate City Office
Till Scherzinger

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27568 Bremerhaven

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