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About us

BIS Bremerhavener Gesellschaft für Investitionsförderung und Stadtentwicklung mbH (Bremerhaven Economic Development Company) is responsible – on behalf of the City of Bremerhaven and the State of Bremen – for the development and marketing of Bremerhaven as a centre for commerce and industry.

Fostering entrepreneurial initiative and developing the city into a modern hub for industry and a focal point for living – this is where we see a key objective in economic development for Bremerhaven. Here the primary goal is to create and secure jobs. Bremerhaven has a maritime history reaching back many decades. Building on this proud tradition, the “seaport city” is now Europe’s fourth-largest container port, a leader in automobile import and export, a competence centre for logistics and maritime technologies, a significant and innovative location of the fish and food industry, and a centre for the offshore wind energy that is unique throughout Europe.

The enterprises in the city can tap into highly specialized scientific institutions of world renown, such as the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology, the Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics, and the various institutes at the University of Applied Sciences.

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