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Sustainable business park Lune Delta

Lune Delta / Nachhaltiges Gewerbegebiet für die Green Economy
As part of the Green Economy project, BIS is developing and marketing the sustainable “Lune Delta” industrial estate in the southern part of Bremerhaven. Taking into account the sensitive treatment of nature and landscape, an industrial estate is being created that will be pioneering in terms of saving resources. Companies that are interested in settling or expanding will be given the opportunity to operate in a particularly sustainable manner and to carry out innovative pilot projects in the field of environmental technology through suitable framework conditions.

To this end, it is planned that various “green” components of a sustainable industrial area will be included in the development plan, such as the supply from renewable energies, extensive greening of the roofs of buildings, rainwater retention, development of public transport, car sharing or car pooling for companies, minimization of light emissions, use of industrial water, waste avoidance, holistic recycling, bicycle friendly with connections to the interurban cycle paths, etc. In addition to these ecological aspects, areas for a social infrastructure with a day nursery close to the workplace as well as areas for regeneration, sport and recreation are also designated.
The area will be developed in several steps from south to north according to demand. Construction is scheduled to start in 2023. Certification according to the standard of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) has been applied for. A commercial centre with workshops, offices and common areas is planned as a first step.
The project is flanked by accompanying publicity measures to encourage further imitation and implementation of climate protection projects throughout Germany and to convince interested companies to locate here.

The Federal Government will be supporting the Green Economy project from funds of the joint task “Improvement of Regional Economic Structures” (GRW) until 31.12.2021.

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