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Sustainable business park Lune Delta

Sustainable management in Bremerhaven

Lune Delta / Nachhaltiges Gewerbegebiet für die Green Economy

Welcome the green future on the “Luneplate“

Without the planet, humanity has no ground to survive on, so it is essential to be sustainable and forward-looking in our use of available resources. Many people nowadays assume that companies have also recognized this urgency and are responsible enough to operate sustainably. By demonstrating that their products, services and processes are produced sustainably, companies build trust and strengthen their green brand promise.

With the sustainable business park LUNE DELTA - the first of its size in Germany – the BIS economic development agency is literally preparing the ground for the Green Economy in Bremerhaven.  It stands for quality of work and life, energy efficiency and resource conservation, exchange and flexibility. Companies of all sizes from the environmental technology sector or wishing to do business sustainably will in future find optimum conditions on 150 hectares in the south of Bremerhaven in the immediate vicinity of the “Luneplate“ nature reserve.

The “Luneplate“ has experienced a varied past. Today, the former Weser island with its nature reserve and the sustainable LUNE DELTA business park stands for Bremerhaven‘s future. Taking into account the sensitive treatment of nature and landscape, a commercial area is being created here that will be groundbreaking in terms of resource conservation.

For example, a modular energy system will provide a basic infrastructural supply using renewable energies. A mix of photovoltaics and wind power ensures the greatest possible sustainability and a secure energy supply. All buildings and facilities will be connected to a local heating network fed by renewable energies. Storage capacities enable year-round availability of energy generated from renewable sources.

It is also planned to feed all types of water - rainwater, service water from the buildings and wastewater from production - into a biological cycle. For heavily polluted wastewater, central treatment is planned in the nearby wastewater treatment plant. Extensive greening of the building roofs, minimization of light emissions, increased waste avoidance and holistic recycling of residual materials support the environmentally conscious project.

In addition to these ecological aspects, areas for a social infrastructure with a crèche and daycare center close to the workplace as well as areas for regeneration, sports and recreation will contribute to a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Planning and implementation are progressing in accordance with specific sustainability and environmental protection criteria. Sustainable settlement criteria in ecological, economic and social dimensions have also been developed by BIS for the planned settlement of companies in order to meet the requirements of a sustainable business park in the long term.
A sustainable business incubator with workshops, offices and communal areas marks the starting point for the entire project. Construction is expected to start in the fall of 2023. Thanks to its resource-saving design, it is intended to serve as a model for future business locations and facilitate future-oriented work.

The plans for both, the business park and the business incubator, have been awarded the highest "Platinum" rating by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

The federal government is funding the Green Economy project with funds from the Joint Task "Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure" (GRW) until December 31, 2024.

The green future on the “Luneplate“ begins. Are you part of it?

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