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Port tunnel

Port connection A27

Development of the transport connection of the ports to the A27 motorway

Bremerhaven is regarded as one of the key seaports in Europe. The volume of cargo handled reflects an increasingly positive trend. This applies particularly to the labour- and traffic-intensive areas: for container handling and also automobile transhipment. For the long term, experts forecast a demand potential in container handling of about 8.5m TEU.

To secure the future of port cargo handling with the hinterland connection, the city depends upon a functioning transport infrastructure. The port tunnel – as one of the key transport infrastructure projects – will safeguard the effectiveness of the connection from the Überseehafen port and the port-related industrial zones to the A27 motorway.

At the same time, it will improve the situation of local residents, who currently have to suffer an enormous volume of traffic every day. The tunnel will reduce the level of noise and exhaust emissions considerably.

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At a glance

Project: Port tunnel / Cherbourger Strasse

Cost: approx. 180m euro

Investors: Federal Government, State of Bremen, City of Bremerhaven, private industry

Project management: BIS Bremerhavener Gesellschaft für Investitionsförderung Stadtentwicklung mbH

Objective: Safeguard the hinterland connection and the effectiveness of the connection from the Überseehafen port and port-related industrial zones to the A27 motorway

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Project port connection A27
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