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Bremerhaven offers a multitude of attractive retail outlets and services. As Germany’s largest city on the North Sea coast, it plays a decisive role as a supraregional centre. Within the market reach of Bremerhaven’s retailers, there are about 400 000 people with a retail-specific demand potential of approx. 1.8 billion euro. 

At present, Bremerhaven has 119 000 inhabitants and is thus the largest city on the German North Sea coast. 

Every day, more than 20,000 people from the surrounding region commute to Bremerhaven.  An inward commuting surplus of over 13 000 employees subject to social security contributions in 2010 emphasizes the significance of Bremerhaven as a core labour market for the region.

Added to that, there is the purchasing power of over 2 million visitors counted per year. In view of the importance that shopping has for leisure activities, this is certainly an attractive market for retail firms. 

Bremerhaven offers interesting real estate properties and locations for retail outlets. In 2002, the shopping arcade in Bremerhaven’s centre was refurbished completely. Forward-looking concepts, like that of the “Bohmsiel” commercial zone, are making for an increasing customer count in retail businesses. The positive development in population and the distinct increase in employees paying social insurance have additionally resulted in boosting the attractiveness of the seaport city as a location for retailers.

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