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Offshore Wind Energy


Competence centre for offshore wind energy

Bremerhaven has developed into a centre of excellence for offshore wind energy, thanks to its proximity to water deep enough for oceangoing vessels, excellent transport and port infrastructures, and unparalleled research and development facilities.

A unique scientific landscape and decades of maritime and port logistics expertise together provide a strong foundation for the entire wind energy industry. With its diverse base of numerous suppliers and service companies, the region offers a strong network that covers the entire value chain.


The entire value chain in one region

Producers, suppliers, wind farm developers, logistics companies and other service providers have established themselves in Bremerhaven and the north-west region, covering the entire value chain of the wind energy industry – from production to installation and maintenance of these high-tech installations, which consist of more than 6,000 components.

At our website under "Who is Who", you will find a whole series of companies located in Bremerhaven.


Founded in 2002, the WAB Wind Energy Agency has developed into the network for the wind energy sector. For its members, WAB fosters cooperation and networking, initiates projects and research programmes, and also organizes trade-fair participation, events and study tours.

Scientific expertise

A special feature is the high concentration of scientific institutions with outstanding expertise and internationally sought-after research infrastructures.

Among the internationally renowned institutions are the Fraunhofer IWES Institute for Wind Energy Systems in Bremerhaven with the rotor blade test centre, the nacelle test stand and BladeMaker centre as well as the Fraunhofer IFAM in Bremen.

The Institute for Wind Energy (fk-wind) and the Master course in wind energy technology at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences not only carry out pioneering research, but also train specialists. And the wind energy agency WAB, a network organization extending far beyond the region, is also based in Bremerhaven.

For Bremerhaven, wind energy is more than just a branch of industry – wind energy and renewable energies are a passion in our city.

Industrial Areas

Luneort/Luneplate industrial zone

Available industrial space for the offshore wind energy business

The offshore wind energy industry needs properties on deep-draught water for the production, storage and supply, for logistic processes as well as servicing and maintenance of offshore wind farms.

These areas are excellently connected to the A27 motorway and to the shipment of offshore installations through the already operational Labradorhafen and via the planned Offshore Terminal Bremerhaven.

Offshore Ports

Offshore starts at the quay

The construction of offshore wind farms in the German North Sea 30 to 100 kilometres off the coast is an indispensable part of the energy turnaround and the fight against climate change. The first German offshore wind farms are now producing electricity at market prices.

Construction of these offshore powerhouses is a gigantic logistical challenge. Excellent infrastructures in the ports, coupled with the experience and know-how of all participants, is essential. Not only does Bremerhaven have a maritime history reaching back many decades, it also offers the necessary transhipment facilities.

Ports at a glance

1) Labradorhafen 2) Offshore Terminal OTB 3) ABC-Halbinsel Offshore Terminal 4) Container Terminal 1

Labradorhafen (1)

Quay length: 1.132 m
Berths: 2 bis 3
Water depth: 7.6 m
Heavy load: Heavy-duty slab 100 x 16 m, up to 70 kN/m²
Lock constraints: 182 x 35 m

Offshore Terminal OTB (2) - in planing

Quay length: 500 m
Berths: 2 bis 3
Water depth: 10,5 m
Heavy load: Heavy-duty slab 500 x 70 m
Lock constraints: none
Plan approval decision: December 2015
Start of construction: Has taken place, currently halt of construction because the project is complained

ABC-Halbinsel Offshore Terminal (3)

Quay length: 900 m
Berths: 2 bis 3
Water depth: 10,5 m
Heavy load: Suitable for storage and handling of offshore wind turbines
Lock constraints: 305 x 55 m

Container-Terminal 1 (4)

Quay length: 500 m
Berths: 2 bis 3
Water depth: 12,6 m
Heavy load: Heavy-duty slab 400 x 34 m, more than 50 kN/m², crane runway
Lock constraints: none

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