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Bremerhaven bei Nacht
Economic Development


We help you to keep an eye on the diverse aspects of starting a business, and offer you assistance on various levels. How? Let us outline the possibilities briefly:

- BIS is part of Bremer ExistenzGründungsINitiative B.E.G.IN, which supports your project with experienced advisers in the concept phase, in the start-up phase, in the market entry phase, and also when you have already been operating for some time.

- Advisory sessions for start-ups are possible with the incentive programme for start-up advice. The initial session at the B.E.G.IN start-up centre is free of charge.

- The start-up loan is a programme for which BIS provides advice, also helping you to submit the application to Bremer Aufbau-Bank – everything in a frank and confidential discussion that gets you going soon.

- BIS itself is the granting body for Bremerhaven, whenever the matter involves e.g. investments, environmental incentives, or research and development. In a meeting with the responsible BIS staff member, you can quickly find out what incentive funding is possible.

- We can also help you in choosing a site, searching for a suitable office building, workshop, shop etc. BIS itself operates three technology and start-up centres in the city: the three office buildings of the technology park t.i.m.e.Port, the Bio Nord Biotechnology Centre Bremerhaven, and Gründerhaus Bau for enterprises associated with the building trade.

- Bremerhaven is a city of short distances – you will quickly find useful contacts in the various networks, in associations such as the Junior Chamber, and at diverse economic, scientific and social events in the city.

Make an appointment with us, so that we can talk about your specific projects and explore just what we can do for you.


Contact person

Business start up’s/subsidies
Dr. Barbara Schieferstein

Fon: +49 (0)471 9 46 46-922