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Economic Development Bremerhaven
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Funding and Financing

The fostering of entrepreneurial initiative is one of the most important tasks of economic development in Bremerhaven. This takes the form of well-established infrastructure providing attractive sites or financial support for promising projects.

One-stop economic development in Bremerhaven means: BIS advises you about the funding possibilities in Bremerhaven, accepts your applications, examines and decides on them, and also pays out the funds.

In addition, we advise you on other forms of assistance offered the Federal Government and the EU. Further financing instruments can be provided through the Bremer Aufbau-Bank GmbH, the regional development bank of the State of Bremen.

Contact person

Head of division business development
Marco Holona

Fon: (0471)9 46 46-640
Fax: (0471)9 46 46-690